What's Biodegradable Plate?

                The natural material packaging products to use instead of other unfriendly to nature and earth material packaging could be decomposed by itself within 1 month and not  burden to natural and earth. and for consumers could easier to use the products with reasonable price. To give more expand and promote using for earth and nature maintain substainable. 

               “BIOBAM” Stategy. To ongoing products develope for diversify packaging and market exp“BIOBAM” Established for the purpose and determine to produce the new trend of packaging that suitable for using at the present time and get along with nature maintain substainable. 



               To develope the natural material to be the modern style packaging, worth using, non of any germ and chemical for  using instead of non bio degradable material and making pollution to earth such as plastic,polymers and other recycle material. 

               From the determination above “BIOBAM” try to select the fresh and pure natural material to keep and clean before input to the production process. The selected natural material source was at Ampor Mae Aye in Chiengmai  province which beyone the material resource there is the production place and generate native people  and farm family employing to have main or extra earning.  

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